Women's Resource Center

July Womenade Event!

Another amazing womenade event is coming up! Womenade is a grassroots organization that provides financial assistance through one-time grants of up to $700. The purpose of the program is to help individuals who are normally self-sufficient and are experiencing temporary and/or unexpected financial hardships get back on their feet and move forward in their lives. Womenade evenings are held from 5:30 to 6:30 pm at the Rochester Hotel or R-Space, depending on the month. Bring a minimum $35 for the donation fund and a friend.  Appetizers will be provided and a cash bar is available. Applications are anonymously presented and donors vote to determine the recipients of the money raised that evening. Womenade funds have been used to help with car repairs, dental work, child care, and other emergencies. We would love to see you there!