Women's Resource Center

Mental Health Programs

Mental Health Programs

Axis Health Systems

(970) 247-0266

Axis Health System offers a wide variety of options to help people improve their quality of life. Axis serves children, adults, seniors, and families to meet primary care as well as behavioral health (mental health and substance use) and vocational needs. information.

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Helpline: (800) 950-NAMI
Information, referrals, and support for individuals living with mental illness or friends/families of individuals living with mental illness.

Substance Abuse Support

Alcoholics Anonymous

(970) 247-1706

Offers help and support for individuals struggling with alcoholism.

Narcotics Anonymous

(970) 769-8117
Offers help and support for individuals suffering with drug addiction.


(970) 259-2982
Offers help and support to families and friends of individuals struggling with alcoholism.

Al-Ateen (ages 13-19)

(970) 946-8840
or any counselor at Durango High School

Eating Disorders Support

Over Eaters Anonymous

Aurora (970) 382-9801
Terry (970) 749-4910
12-step support group for overeaters, undereaters, anorexics, and bulemics

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