Women's Resource Center

Lifetime Members

We are so grateful for our lifetime members of the Women’s Resource Center. Lifetime Members of the Women’s Resource Center provide a financial gift of at least $5,000 to the Center:

Gail Aalund

Terry Bacon and Debra Parmenter

Richard and Mary Lyn Ballantine

Morley Ballantine (In Memorium)

Enid and Herb Brodsky

Erteszek Family Foundation

Kay Byerly

Candice Carson and George Banker

David Farmer, Durango Sports Club

Polly Garner & Bill Vega

Carol Griffith

Betty Haskell (In Memorium)

Nancy Henry-Lasley

JM Jones and Jim Mohle

Susan Lander

Lloyd B. Lifton, M.D.

Jessie Morgan

Carol Salomon and Norman Broad

Elizabeth “Bette” Serzen, in husband Russ’ memory

Lenora Tracy

Diane Wildfang & Kirk Komik, Rochester Hotel

Howard & Marjie Wilson

Mindy & Patrick Meiering

Lucia & Charles Jenney M.D.

Laura Christensen, LCSW & Mark Tilly